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Orgasmatic DVD - See The Tushy Girls Riding The Sybian Sex Machine To Orgasms
Orgasmatic - Sybian Sex Machine Fucking - Hardcore DVD
See the Tushy girls take on the Sybian Sex Machine - the world's most powerful dildo thrusting vibrator - for the very first time! You will witness some of the most intense orgasms ever captured on DVD! The awesome Sybian Sex Machine takes on girl after girl giving them what they need and then some more!
Only the best of gushing pussies and explosive anal orgasms, brought on by the Sybian Sex Machine. See the sexually insatiable Tushy Girls experience industrial-strength vaginal vibrations! The screams you hear on this Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD are the sounds of well lubricated anal queens experiencing the most mind-blowing orgasms ever.
When you watch the Tushy Girls take on Sybian in this fantastic Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD, you'll understand why Seymore upgraded his homeowner's insurance.

Orgasmatic DVD Features: Bonus Angles Interactive Menus Chapter Selections Playable Worldwide DVD-ROM Compatible Digital Clarity Auto Start Auto Repeat

Orgasmatic DVD Runtime: 133 minutes

Orgasmatic DVD Stars: Halli Aston, Samantha Stylle and Alisha Klass

Studio: Seymore Butts Home Video

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Seymore Butts Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine Fucking DVD Starring Tushy Girls Halli Aston, Samantha Style And Alisha Klass

Orgasmatic is a love story between a girl and a sex machine. The Sybian Sex Machine is a giant mechanical dildo on a saddle attached to some wires that penetrates and vibrates deep inside female pussies and asses. At the start of the Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD, Seymore Butts is showing it off to some of his regular Tushy Girls and they go, “Remember Ruby? She fuckin’ broke this thing!” and then, quite cinematically, they flashback to Ruby, a snaggle-toothed silicone queen who thrashes around on the machine, yelping like she’s been shot.

Then Seymore’s current girls ride it. Then they shove stuff up their asses. Then Seymore flashes back to some other chick with a seriously hairy bush, who rides the thing some more.

And that’s basically the pattern. The girls go crazy when they’re on it. Hairy bush girl goes “Ah! I can’t breathe!” – but as son as they’re done, they can’t wait to ride on it again. This Sybian Sex Machine could easily make dudes obsolete, so maybe they shouldn’t advertise it so effectively here. Anyway, if it turns you on to see girls really turned on then this Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD will really give you a buzz.

Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD Synopsis
If seeing horny young women at the height of sexual excitement excites you, this
Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD is a highly watchable porno movie. If you are one of those porn fans who constantly remark on which female performers have the biggest orgasms or lament about the lack of attention to the female orgasm in today’s world of gymnastic sex, you will enjoy this Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD. This reviewer fits squarely into both those categories and thus I was almost guaranteed to enjoy this disc. Seymour Butts format here is interesting in that while the bulk of this DVD is actually previously released material, it is not strictly a compilation disc. What Seymour Butts has done is wrap the Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD around several older scenes. As he recounts stories of introducing women to the Sybian Sex Machine we then see the actual scene he is describing as it originally took place.

The Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD is basically an introduction to the now-popular sex toy the Sybian. For any unfamiliar with the device, the Sybian Sex Machine is a saddle-like contraption that a woman lowers herself onto. It has several dildo-like attachments that can be rotated and vibrated to different levels of intensity via a remote control and seems to give a really wild ride. Abco Research, the manufacturers of the Sybian, owe a debt of gratitude to individuals such as Seymour Butts. It is apparent that the best form of promotion for this toy would be the simple attraction of seeing someone else enjoying it. This little machine has garnered quite a reputation for unbridled sexual satisfaction – and each and every woman who hops along in this DVD seems to enjoy themselves immensely.

Orgasmatic DVD Scene 1
The DVD’s opening scene is basically Seymour introducing his “Tushy Girls” to the Sybian. Quite honestly, I have always enjoyed Alisha Klass, Samantha Stylle and Halli Ashton. Alisha has a sort of fresh-faced, corn-fed Mid-American Homecoming Queen quality about her (although I believe she is actually from Boston). Seeing her taking a cock up the ass or squirting like a geyser is an almost guilty pleasure…as if one has been caught peeping out the head cheerleader through a hole in the wall into the girls’ shower! The three girls check out the machine with curiosity as Seymour relates the tale of introducing hyper-orgasmic Ruby to the machine and having her break the damn thing!

Orgasmatic DVD  Scene 2
In this first re-presented scene, we watch as Ruby slides herself onto the Sybian and Seymour begins to manipulate its controls. The intensity of this scene mirrors its actions, with Seymour beginning slowly and building momentum. Ruby is what we old-timers would have called a “brick shithouse” back in the day. One would never be able to describe her as petite with her womanly and voluptuous curves, yet the term large doesn’t do her justice either. Suffice to say that she has an athletic build that hints of her past as a gymnast and dancer. She definitely looks like one hottie that can take a good solid fucking – and she takes all the Sybian can give. As she howls her way through a series of vein-popping orgasms, Ruby’s pussy clenches down on the Sybian and literally breaks the thing! Quite an explosive scene…but only the appetizer as Seymour then goes down on Ruby for a couple more screaming cunnilingus inspired orgasms.

Orgasmatic DVD  Scene 3
Moving back to current-time, we see The Tushy girls at play. Alisha is putting Halli through the Sybian’s motions while Seymour films. Samantha is prone on a bed in the background exploring herself with a series of dildos and vibrators. Even the silicone enhancements of Samantha and Halli do not deter from a certain girl-next-door quality all three of these girls share…the hot girl-next-door. Again, the disc proves an excellent advertisement for the machine, as just watching Halli’s facial expressions alone relay convincingly the pleasure she is experiencing. As Alisha revs up the machine, she comments that she feels god-like with such control over what Halli feels. I don’t know why, but that oft-handed comment was extremely sexy to me and could probably have driven some Sybian sales!

Orgasmatic DVD  Scene 4
This next scene is a perfect example of how dated this disc is. Seymour “introduces”
Vanessa Chase to the audience…its funny knowing that we haven’t seen Vanessa for some while now! She was always a hottie, though and this scene could perhaps be used as a primer on “what real female orgasms look like.” Starting off nonchalantly and building to a panting climax, Vanessa reminds the viewer of why she was so popular back in the day. Here again, Abco Research has an excellent advertising tool aimed at the men. After being totally satiated on the machine, Vanessa shows Seymour her gratitude by giving him one of her world class blowjobs - swallowing every last drop.

Orgasmatic DVD Scene 5
Bouncing back to 1998, Seymour Butts and the Tushy Girls are still at it. Sam is splayed atop the bed now using both the “pocket-rocket” on her clit and the rather large black dildo up her ass simultaneously - and obviously rocking her own world. This time, Alisha is on the Sybian machine enjoying herself as Seymour introduces the next flashback scene by recounting the day he filmed Tatiana and Tom Byron using the Sybian. Klass is at her histrionic best here, screaming down the house and gushing up a storm that’d make Cytherea blush!

Orgasmatic DVD Scene 6
Again here, the DVD dissolves to show us the very encounter Seymour was describing. Although not familiar with Tatiana previously, she is a definite keeper. Not only does she ride the machine with gusto, she also gives Byron one hell of a hummer while riding it! To top it all off, Tom then flips her over and does her anally, ending with one helluva facial! Hot scene! After watching Sam howl her turn on the machine, we bounce back again to a truly scorching scene. With Tom Byron, the oh so luscious lips of Taylor Hayes and one of the best damn booties ever in porn (Jordan McNight and her titanic titans of breast flesh), this scene was bound to heat up. First Jordan is introduced to the Sybian While Taylor gives Tom one Hell of a BJ, and then Jordan adds her ccum inducing lips to the task – all the while still humping the Sybian. Layering the two lovelies atop each other, Byron then fingers both McNight and Hayes, urging a whale of an orgasm out of Taylor that looks like it wet the entire set! Definietely not something Taylor ever showed in any of her VIVID work, LOL! Byron then begins inserting first his finger and then his dick alternately into Taylor’s mouth and McNight’s anus…if you’re into A2M, this scene will hit all your buttons, as Taylor inserts Byron’s dick into Jordan’s ass then her own mouth over and over again. Just when the viewer begins to tire of this Taylor grabs Byron’s member from Jordan’s butt and gives herself a great facial…again, not something I recall ever seeing her do in ANY Vivid production. The final scenes, again in the present, are of Sam on the Sybian and Alisha doing herself anally again …and howling again. The disc ends with a wonderful POV scene of Alisha pleasuring Seymour orally with a great, wet, sloppy BJ until he explodes all over the prom queen.

Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD Summary
He’s been called arrogant, hell, he’s been called a lot of things – but this
Orgasmatic Sybian Sex Machine DVD shows Seymour Butts at his best, allowing the women to take center stage and basically revelling in their arousal.
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