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By Jessica West

I consider myself a sophisticated woman of the world with quite a collection of vibrators and associated sex toys. At times my husband and I enjoy playing with them together and sometimes I enjoy them alone. Our wonderful toys have added variety and intensity to our sexual pleasure. But despite my experience with such sexual aids nothing had prepared me for The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine. The incredible Sybian Sex Machine was demonstrated at Couples, a weekend swingers' convention held in St. Louis last spring. Vendors had set up tables to show off their sexually related wares: magazines, videos, travel packages.
But the big crowd was gathered around a far table. When I moved closer I saw what all the excitement was about: all eyes were focused on a realistic rubber penis mounted on a vinyl seat. The penis was simultaneously rotating and vibrating at incredible speed. Those were movements no human male could possibly duplicate at least for any length of time. Just watching that thing gyrate made me instantly wet and horny. I turned to my husband who was watching The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine in amazement and awe. "I don't care what it costs, honey. Just buy me one." Everyone around us laughed except the man behind the table. He looked at me with great intensity. "Would you like to try it out?" he asked. This was my Introduction to Sybian and its inventor, Dave Lampert.
Sybian - the name is derived from Sybaris, the ancient Greek city of free love and pleasure is both safe and sturdy. Operating with two 1/50 horsepower motors, it has two separate controls that allow independent regulation of vibration and rotation over a wide range of speeds. As the vaginal insert  - rubber penis - rotates within the vagina, the internal area, including the so-called Grafenberg Spot (G-spot) is stimulated. At the same time the entire vulva and clitoral area vibrates, quickly sensitizing the genitals. Taken together, these movements set in motion a crescendo of external (clitoral) and internal (vaginal) orgasms.
This joystick extraordinaire as one ecstatic female characterized the Sybian experience, has been intelligently and practically designed. Lampert and his small team of pioneers have thought of just about everything. The dildo inserts come in graduated sizes and thicknesses. They are removable for cleaning and storage. The Sybian seat itself, which houses the motor and is straddled and ridden by the woman - who lowers herself onto it when the insert is in place - is covered in attractive, wipeable and washable vinyl. A special towel with a hole in the center is used also for reasons of cleanliness. It is compact for easy storage under a bed or in a closet where it can be hidden from children, relatives, or the cleaning lady. Without the insert in place it is actually a rather non-descript little piece of furniture.
The easy-to-operate Sybian control dials are attached by a cord and tiny red lights go on when the vibrator or rotation features are in use. Also included is a small bench in matching light brown vinyl. This bench can be used by a woman as a place to rest her elbows as she leans forward. When used by a couple the man can sit comfortably facing his partner and hold her in his arms to kiss and caress her as she experiences the unbelievably sexual sensations induced when she takes the Sybian ride.
It took Dave Lampert 14 years of research and design to perfect this robotic penis "This is no toy," Lampert asserts "It is a breakthrough in artificial intercourse, and has been thoughtfully designed to serve as a satisfying sexual substitute for women without partners, as an enhancement of sexual relations for couples and as a therapeutic aid when used by qualified sex therapists who work with pre- or anorgasmic women."
Questioned about the inspiration for this invention, Lampert explains: "Over the years, I kept hearing the same complaints from women I met in my dance instruction classes. They were sexually frustrated. Their partners could not, or would not, satisfy them. Some said their husbands had erectile problems due to ill health, age, or indifference. Some of these women confided that they had never experienced an orgasm. That struck me as tragic. I personally could never enjoy sex if the woman is not satisfied."
The idea to create a state-of-the-art mechanical penis that could perform beyond anything currently available eventually became an obsession for Lampert, who in 1985 sold his profitable dance studio business to devote himself full-time to the design and production of this revolutionary internal massager.
"I knew that the technology was available, that what I envisioned could be done, but first I had to do my homework. So I read through the sex manuals, talked with sex therapists, visited adult toy shops and carefully studied the dildos and vibrators they sold. I questioned a large number of women, as well as married couples. I enlisted the aid of a mechanical engineer, who thought I was crazy, but found the project sufficiently intriguing to help me."
Then, four years ago, Lampert enlisted Carolyn, a friend who became as excited as he was about the project and its possibilities. She became his partner in the venture, and served as the first official tester. Says Lampert: "Carolyn could obviously do what I couldn't experience how it felt inside a woman. After many false starts, we finally had the Sybian prototype we wanted.”
At Couples, Lampert extended an open invitation to interested women and couples to visit his hotel suite and try The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine in privacy. Before the private sessions began, however, he organized a hands on demonstration for the entire group. One of the women, an attractive and uninhibited swinger volunteered to demonstrate Sybian in action, with the approval of her equally gregarious and uninhibited husband. That event was one of the most exciting voyeuristic experiences of my life.
A large group of men and women had gathered, and there was much whispering and nervous laughter before Sally entered the room. She wore a white teddy with a garter belt, stockings and no panties. Lampert put a condom on the penile insert, a practice he strongly suggests, and rubbed onto it a generous amount of a lubricant . He then seated himself on the matching bench, and motioned to Sally to lower herself down slowly onto the Sybian dildo.
When she was fully seated, Lampert began the demonstration, turning the Sybian controls on low speed at first, and then gradually increasing the intensity of both the vibration and the rotation. Sally's face began to contort, first with mild pleasure, then with growing disbelief, and eventually with complete abandon. Her litany of orgasmic moans and screams, her nails digging into poor Dave Lampert's back, gave ample evidence that she was in the throes of extreme orgasmic excitation. At one point I thought she was going to faint. "Oh, God, oh no, oh yes, don't stop, harder, faster, oh wonderful," she intoned again and again. A communal sigh went up - almost like a communal orgasm.
After about 20 minutes of this, it became obvious that Sally could go on coming forever. When Lampert finally turned the Sybian off, I thought it was probably because his back couldn't take any more. Sally continued to shudder from head to toe for several moments. As she raised herself back on her legs, I could see that her knees were weak.
A cheer went up from the crowd, and Sally's husband gently helped her over to a couch. She smiled at her audience like a victorious long-distance runner who had reached the finish line, and thanked Lampert for the experience. "All I want to know is, when can I do this again?" she breathed.
Lampert removed the now moist condom and the towel from the Sybian, and announced again that all interested females and couples were welcome to set up private testing sessions with him. But one of the men was not happy. He told the group in no uncertain terms that he felt inadequate to that thing and insisted that the men there should picket such an inhuman piece of equipment. If others agreed with him, they weren't talking. But his wife stood up and said she thought it was high time that someone invented something so useful.
She said she would save up for a Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine whether he liked it or not.
Several couples gathered around Lampert to set up appointments. I told him I wanted to write about his invention and wondered if I could sit in on some of the testing sessions. He said it was not his decision - I'd have to ask the individuals. A few people I asked said they'd rather try it out themselves first, but they'd be happy to tell me their reactions afterwards. Others said I was welcome to observe, as long as I didn't print their names.
I stationed myself outside his hotel suite, and waited for the first guinea pigs to emerge. The walls were thick, but I could hear muffled moans and an occasional high-pitched scream. It was all I could do to stay outside. Then the first couple came out. The woman was enormously fat, and her husband was a skinny little guy with a goatee. She walked out shakily, wiping tears from her pretty round face. He looked confused, like he didn't know what had hit him.
This was a private moment but I asked, "How was it?"
The tears began to flow again. "It was just the most beautiful experience of my life," she sobbed. She glared at her husband "I never knew it could be like that." she said.
"How do you feel about it?" I asked the bearded one.
"I enjoyed it, too," he said, glancing timidly at his wife "I just never thought Nancy could go crazy like that. I think it could be a good thing for couples to share."
"I'm going on a diet," Nancy said. The non-sequitur sounded almost like a threat.
"Let's go get a bite to eat, honey," her husband responded.
I walked into the room before the next couple showed up as I wanted to reassure myself that The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine was still intact. No problem. Chalk one up for sturdy. Dave Lampert was in the process of putting on a fresh condom. On the Sybian, that is. Carolyn was jotting the couple's address in her book. She said that they had expressed an interest in purchasing one for themselves. She told me that watching other women experience orgasms was quite interesting.
"I never realized how intense we look almost like we're in terrible pain." She said that she herself had always had some difficulty reaching orgasm, but since Sybian her responses in bed had quickened and intensified. "The Sybian is a wonderful sensitizer," she said. Then she pulled out a sheaf of letters that she and Dave had received from women and couples who had accepted their invitation to try Sybian. I took them outside to read while the next couple entered for their appointment.
The letters were fascinating. A 79-year old widow said that Sybian had given her more sexual satisfaction than she had had in 52 years of marriage and that her grandchildren remarked at how Granny's disposition had improved. A divorced mother of three said she had used Sybian while watching her soap operas or listening to a Neil Diamond album. She said that she wanted to buy one so she wouldn't need to date for sex. She wanted to find another man to share her love, but now it can be for the right reasons, not just sexual attraction. A woman executive said that Sybian had eliminated stress from her life.
Another woman said that Sybian had ended her debilitating monthly menstrual cramps. Several couples wrote that Sybian had improved their sex lives so much that they couldn't wait to get one of their own. And a 29-year-old bachelor reported that his girl-friends loved Sybian and demanded that he buy one!
I was so absorbed in my reading that I almost didn't notice the next couple coming out, two very attractive women in their 30’s. They were bisexual lovers they told me, and they had tried Sybian together. One of the women had sat on the little bench caressing the other woman's breasts and kissing her passionately, while Dave worked the controls. The first woman's husband had also participated kissing and caressing both of them. He, in fact, was still in the room ordering Sybian from Dave. The pretty blond told me "It's my anniversary present to them, one we can all share. We may have an anniversary party built around it and invite a few friends over to meet it." Talk about conversation pieces!
Now it was my turn to take the ride. Truthfully, I was a little apprehensive. Despite all the endorsements, I thought a Ride On The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine might be too much like having a pneumatic drill inside my vagina. My husband held me and Dave turned the juice on, very slowly. At first, I felt hardly anything. Big deal, I thought, like the first time I had sex. What's all the fuss about? Then he turned up the power, and the sensations hit me. I was on a roller coaster, going up slowly, coming down at dizzying speed. I passed the point of no return. Orgasms were bursting forth crashing against each other. I lost track of time, space, the people in the room. There were just lips, hands and that unstoppable human thing inside me relentlessly pushing me further and further.
I bucked and moaned moving up and down, a slave to passion. I could understand why Sally would never have cried Uncle. When Dave finally turned the Sybian Sex Machine off I was drenched in sweat and deliriously satisfied. I silently blessed Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb because he had paved the way for this most satisfying use for electricity - The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine.
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