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The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine - Independent User Review

Synopsis : The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine very high-end sex machine, whereby a woman mounts it and rides to orgasm.
Our Review : The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine was a major purchase without a doubt. I had never dreamed that I would pay so much for a sex toy. I had also never dreamed that I would be in a great relationship with someone who would actually appreciate such an extravagant sex toy (I am sure the Sybian creators would not want to hear me call it a “toy” but I mean no disrespect to their product at all).
The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine comes in a few pieces:
There is the main piece that is designed to be straddled by the woman. It is about 14” square and the top is rounded off. On the top is a small receiver that you place attachments on and just in front of that is a raised area that provides clitoral stimulation. It is directional, in that you orient yourself so that you get vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time.
The main Sybian unit also has the control box connected to it with a 3’ cable so you can sit back and control it while she is on it or she can control it. It has two on-off switches on it to turn on rotation and vibration and then a speed control knob for each as well.
It doesn’t come in different sizes but I am 5’3” and it fitted me with no problem.
There is also a small stool that comes with the Sybian. I was wondering about this at first but it comes in quite handy. You can place it in front and lean over and rest your arms on it or a sex partner can sit on it and put his arms around her. You can also slide it back and receive oral while she is riding it.
Both pieces are well padded and covered with black, soft vinyl. The power cord is a separate piece and it uses a standard 120VAC connection to the unit so it would be very easy to replace if it was lost.
First impression of the Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine was really good. The quality of workmanship, fit and finis” of the product was about as good as you could get. Everything was well constructed, heavy and solid.
The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine is designed to use attachments that come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Most Sybian attachments are shaped to penetrate the vagina - or anus if you are that way inclined -  with everything from as big as your finger to gargantuan. Any attachment that is designed to penetrate can be attached to the main unit with either a stiff spring that offers some give or a stiff plastic rod that does not flex. My partner and I found we liked the spring in most of the attachments as opposed to the rod. The attachments also cover the clitoral stimulation part of the main unit. Some attachments are smooth where they contact the clitoris and some have raised, soft rubber nubs.
The Sybian unit also comes with a clitoral wedge, a piece of hard plastic that attaches to the clitoral stimulation area of the main unit with Velcro. It is about 2” long and raises the area of clitoral stimulation by about ¾”. This is optional and based on personal preference. All of the attachments will fit over the clitoral wedge so all body contact is still covered with the soft rubber of the attachment. We found we really liked it better when the wedge was in place.
There seems to be three main points of stimulation that you can get from this device, clitoral, vaginal opening and G-spot. You can get pretty much any combination of the three or just one - or two - depending on which attachment you use and how you use the controller.
Clitoral stimulation is probably the most intense of any sex device we have ever used, if you want it to be. The controller has a very wide range of adjustment and is infinitely adjustable from 0 to top speed. I noted how smoothly the speed range changed which just intensified my orgasms. There were no abrupt changes even if you turn the speed knob very quickly. I can only think that this comes from using very high quality controls and motors. On our first try, I slowly built it up to about half speed over about 3 minutes. I thought it was all the way up because I had never felt any other device vibrate this fast. I was in for a surprise as it kept getting faster and faster. As you become accustomed to the controls, you will learn what feels best for you and you can start getting creative. That is a lot of fun. In our experience, I can get it up to about half speed and get very close to orgasm, then I increase it about 1/10 of a turn. It increases the intensity but changes just enough that I don’t come immediately - kind of like changing the motion of the tongue at the last minute when you are being given oral sex. You do this 4 or 5 times until it is almost up to full speed and then put it wide open. I thought the neighbors were going to call the police and the windows of the house were going to shatter. We have a great sex life but I have never, ever had such an intense orgasm.
Vaginal opening stimulation is best achieved by the dildo shaped attachments. This would be just like attaching a dildo to something you could straddle and ride on - like a suction cup based dildo. Also, if the vibration is turned on it also vibrates up the shaft of the attachment which adds a nice sensation all around the vaginal area. The rotation control also provides some vaginal opening stimulation with the dildo shaped attachments but I found that if I was in the mood for that, I just rode it up and down while varying the vibration.
G-spot stimulation is also a great feature of the Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine. Some of the attachments have larger heads and smaller shafts. Once inserted, the contact to the vaginal opening is minimal. The tops of these attachments are of varying diameters and have small, soft ribs running from top to bottom. When using one of these, you turn on the rotation and it spins in small circles inside the vagina rubbing the ribs of the attachment on the g-spot. This is where you will need to try both the spring and rod inserts to see what you like best. Again, this is where the quality of components comes in. Very smooth speed transitions from fast to slow. Once you find the right combination of attachment size, rotation speed and type of attachment - spring or rod - this device will produce some huge g-spot orgasms.
There are some other attachments that are also fun. One is just a soft cover - like the insertion part was cut off. This can be used for just clitoral stimulation and leaves a woman open for either another toy or for taking a man from behind. The height of the unit is great for doggy-style with this attachment. Also, it is a great way  to get intense clitoral stimulation while receiving anal sex.
There is a double penetration insert which is pretty much how you would imagine it. The vaginal part of this gets the rod for rotation and the anal insertion part is static.
Some of the larger dildo type attachments - called covers - actually slip on over the medium sized attachment. You need to use a little lube on the inside of these to get these on as they are a tight fit. Also, the material of the covers is a little more firm than the other attachments. They don’t give as much and therefore you might need to use one that is a little smaller than you are used to.
There are two attachments that we are still working up to. The G-Max is a ball about the size of a small orange and does just what it names implies, maximum g-spot stimulation. This one is doable, eventually. The Jumbo cover is just plain huge. We like large toys but this one might be too much even for me, especially because of the harder material it is made out of.
All in all, the Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine is a great device that is built so well that you can feel comfortable using for many, many years. It seems sturdy enough that you might want to leave it in your will to someone. It could be the first heirloom sex device. HA!
We only had one negative thing to say about the Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine and it is not about the device itself. Do not, under any circumstances, watch the demo movie that comes with it. Especially if you want to start using it right away. It looks like poorly done, 1970’s amateur porn and we found it to be an instant cold shower. Bikini waxing was not in these people’s vocabularies. If you want a good laugh, you can look at the part that demo’s their Venus 2000 product which is a male masturbation machine. It is good for a laugh. Not knocking that product at all but watching it in action will have you rolling on the floor.
We have thoroughly enjoyed the Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine and will continue to do so for years. It seems to us that it would also be a great item for a woman that has a hard time having an orgasm but it would be hard to see someone like that shelling out this kind of money for it. It seems to be pretty popular with internet porn companies. They can make the investment once, allow different girls to use brand new attachments so they feel safe. I have seen several amateur porn sites that use a Sybian. At first I thought the girls were faking because it looked too over the top to be real but now that we have had our Sybian for 2 years, I know they are not faking when they are on this thing.
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Independent user Review Of The Sybian Multiple Orgasm Sex Machine
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